Group Leader

Constanze Lenschow is an Associate Professor at the Institute for Biology at the Otto-von-Guericke University in Magdeburg. She is (Neuro)-Biologist by training and did her PhD with Michael Brecht at the Bernstein Center for Computational Neuroscience in Berlin and her post-doctoral work in the laboratory of Susana Lima at the Champalimaud Institute for the Unknown in Lisbon. 



Hajime Suyama - Postdoctoral fellow

Hajime is a postdoctoral fellow at Constanze Lenschow’s lab at Otto-von-Guericke University Magdeburg. He finished his veterinary study at Azabu University in Japan and did his PhD with Michael Lukas at Veroncia Egger’s lab at University of Regensburg. He studied for his PhD the vasopressinergic system in the rat olfactory bulb in a context of social discrimination using in-vitro patch clamp recordings, immunohistochemistry, and behavioral analysis. He is interested in behavior and communication between conspecifics, especially reproductive behavior, such as sexual behavior. In Lenschow’s lab, he tackles the questions about how sensory information is processed and represented in the brain, and how sexual behavior is regulated.


Postdoctoral Fellows

If you are fascinated by social and natural behavior and want to unravel their underlying neural circuit mechanisms during your Postdoc, get in touch with Constanze by sending a brief letter with your main reseach interests, along with your CV. You are also encouraged to develop your own research ideas together with Constanze and apply for independent funding via EMBO, HFSP, the Marie Curie Program or other opportunities in your home country (such as the DFG here in Germany). 

A background in systems neuroscience with strong skills in quantitative approaches and programming skills are advantagoues but not a must. 

PhD students

We welcome applications from highly motivated students coming from various backgrounds (Biology, Physics, Engineering, Computer Science, Biomedecine ...). If you are fascinated by systems neuroscience approaches to investigate natural social behaviours, please contact Constanze! Quantitative analysis and programming skills are a bonus.

MSc projects 

....are available in line with the Master studies Integrative Neuroscience or Philosophy, Neursciences & Cognition here at the OVGU Magdeburg. Contact Constanze!